We complete all aspects of plumbing for new fiberglass and concrete swimming pool. Working with some of the best pool builders in Australia, our team have extensive experience in plumbing new pools and installing filtration equipment. Plumbing both residential and complex commercial and resort style swimming pools, you can count on Dial A Pool Plumber.

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Initial Plumbing for Concrete and Fiberglass Pools

We plumb pools during construction. This includes installing all pipes prior to concrete spray or during the fiberglass installation. We will install it behind the steel fixing work, or in the case of fiberglass pools, from the shell. We will then run it toward the spot where the filtration equipment will be placed. In the case of in floor pool cleaning for a concrete pool we will work through the intricacies of the plumbing to ensure it meets the engineering and plumbing specifics relating to the chosen product.

When plumbing a new swimming pool we take the hassle away by offering a reliable service to ensure a smooth job for the pool build who engages our services. In addition, we maintain the upmost care to ensure the plumbing of the swimming pool is done with quality and integrity to the overall pool product. After all, we want to also ensure the pool builder’s customer can expect reliable plumbing to outlast years to come.

Filtration Installation

In most cases the filtration equipment can be installed on site with the initial pool plumbing. However, where this is not possible, for example, landscaping to be carried out first, we will come back after the initial pool plumbing to complete the fitting of equipment. We can install pool heating, chlorinators, sand filters, cartridge filters, pool cleaning systems and more. Whatever the brand, our team have you covered. 

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Start Up and Handover Service

Starting up a pool is a very exciting time for any new pool owner. We take the hassle away from pool builders and provide their customers the initial chemical treatment to balance the pool water, along with a step by step comprehensive handover outlined below.

  • Balancing the pools chemistry for the initial start up of the swimming pool. – Chlorinated, Salt water, and Mineral Pools.
  • Checking all equipment to ensure it’s all operating withing the manufacturers requirements as the products should.
  • Setting up any time clocks as required.
  • Going through all equipment warranty documents with the pool owner.
  • Showing the pool owner step by step how to balance their swimming pools water, use the pool equipment.
  • We will show pool owner how to service their pool

Our handover service also covers the completion of any contractual related documents for the pool builder as requested.

More About Us

With over 30 years experience using the latest industry leading techniques, we ensure each pools filtration system isoperating at optimal levels. 

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Engaging our team of pool plumbers to compliment your pool construction team will ensure every bit of success. Out team are very passionate about what they do and put your brand reputation at the forefront of any work completed. Contact our team today and let’s get started on your swimming pool plumbing needs. We’d love to hear from you.