Has your chlorinator cell or pool equipment had it? Dial A Pool Plumber can repair and change over you pool equipment. <br><br>When your pool equipment has stopped working it’s important you act quick to avoid the pool water going green with algae. Contact our team today! We can install all popular pool equipment to get your pool up and running in no time. Our pool equipment replacement service extends to some of the below services.

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Chlorinator Replacements

There are different types of chlorinators, but they all serve the same purpose – generating chlorine to prevent bacterial growth and control algae blooms. While chlorinators generally have a good lifespan for most popular brands, when not maintained and cleaned the longevity is minimised.

We can replace your chlorinator or chlorinator cell and get your pool up and running in no time. In most instances we work with pool owners to simply changeover with a compatible chlorinator cell rather than the whole chlorinator unit. This saves on costs!

Filter Replacements

As with most of your pool equipment, filters also have a lifespan, often 10 – 15 years on most reputable brands. If you are in need of a sand or cartridge filter replacement, contact our team to supply and install. We will not only install it, but in the instance where you are replacing s sand filter, we will fill it up with sand or glass media, connect to your pool plumbing, including the backwash, and start it up.

Pool Pump Replacement

With a wide variety of pool pumps available on the market, including single speed and variable speed options, it’s no wonder many homeowners become overwhelmed with the market options available. 

Whilst the easiest wat to replace a pool pump is to change it over with the same make and model, this is not always possible. Therefore, the plumbing may need some alterations to accommodate a different brand or model. Whatever the requirements, our team of pool plumbers will changeover your pump and get your swimming pool up and running again in no time.

Pool Heating

Changing from solar to electric? Perhaps you don’t have a pool heater and you need a new one? We can provide you with expert advice on energy efficient options that will give you either an extended swimming season, or all year-round swimming. In addition, Dial A Pool Plumber will even install your pool heater in line with the manufacturers specifications. 

What’s more is we don’t just install pool heating systems! We walk you through howe to operate your system, how to maintain it, and provide you with the information you need to ensure you continue to maintain your pool water chemistry with the need pool heater addition. This is a critical element and it’s important you are more vigilant with balancing your pools chemistry as pool heaters will change this.

More About Us

With over 30 years experience using the latest industry leading techniques, we ensure each pools filtration system operates at optimal levels. 

Ready to Start?

Engage our team of pool plumbers to changeover your pool equipment. We have the experience and knowledge across al brands and maintain quality in our workmanship. Contact our team today and let’s get started on your swimming pool plumbing needs. We’d love to hear from you.