Purapool Oxygen Minerale

Available with 2 options: Oxygen Minerale and Oxygen Minerale Plus. Enjoy the ultimate mineral swimming pool experience.


Purapool’s Oxygen Minerale is an industry leading pool sanitiser. The Oxygen minerale enables you to switch to Low Salt Mode for automatic chlorination if required.

One of the biggest call outs with this product is it’s ability to maintain a healthy swimming pool for the swimmer.

Purapool Oxygen Minerale Features

  • Mineral swimming experience
  • Oxy Boost
  • Energy efficient
  • Auto de-scale
  • High calcium mode
  • Exclusive PDCS controller
  • Oxygen production membrane
  • Cover / Indoor mode
  • Surge protection
  • Easy operation


Note: This requires only Purapool Mineral Salts – 1,800 – 2,800 PPM

For more information on the Purapool range please contact or visit Gold Coast Water Treatment in store.


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