Purachlor Gold

Suited for larger residential pools or small commercial pools, the Purachlor GOLD chlorinator provides an unmatch pool sanitisation solution.


Trust only Purapool! High performance water treatment for extra large pool volumes or busy pools. Purachlor GOLD generates chlorine automatically leaving your pool clean and healthy.  Now with platinum grade E-cell

Below are all of the benefits

  • Self cleaning
  • Energy efficient
  • Auto de-scale
  • High calcium mode
  • Exclusive PDCS controller
  • Platinum grade E-cell
  • Surge protection
  • Easy operation


Purachlor GOLD produces 40 grams of chlorne per hour. This makes it suitable for swimming pools up to 160,000

For more information on the Purapool range please contact or visit Gold Coast Water Treatment in store.


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